Build In – Pt.1

Today was the day of the mission that had been set out a few days ago.
Today was the day of the Score Trek.
It was going to take a lot of effort from everyone for everything to work out and the team have made a lot of preparations.

Abomb and Freeda were first up, as per the plan, they started getting breakfast ready.

Dekay and Witch were on watch duty, the base can be attacked at any time by scavengers or un-unbelievers.

Muse, Sgt Scowl, Sex Bot and OiNK were all still sleeping.

Abomb grabbed a pan and spoon and tip toed into the sleeping quarters, took a deep breath and banged the pan with all his might, laughing with glee as they all shot up at the waist with silly, bewildered looks on their faces, a few seconds away from a fight whilst not knowing what was going on.

“ATTACK, ATTACK, WARNING” screamed Sex Bot.

Abomb, still smirking, handed out the morning’s ration of coffee shots, “It’s day of everyone, get all your ablutions done as quickly as possible and meet up in the control room in 30 minutes” he barked sternly, still smiling.

Alt Life – The Score Trek

A Story begins


3 groups of two from a group of eight go on 3 memorable score quests with fun additions.

From an earth like planet, old world building but future modern technology and building intermixed. Unbuilt land similar to ours but with much more natural unworked green land.

Not all normal type people. Tech infused animals, zombie like slow, grey, gaunt people, tech infused people, scavenger like people, elven type people, fat slobishΒ  type people, royal people, peasant people ….

Fiction with the odd intersperse from memory πŸ™‚

Dekay + Freeda
Fordhere to track down the Uw

Abomb + Witch
Little City to Find the Moon

Muse + OiNK
Over the water to Central Dam

There is a change afoot

Something in my bones tells me that there is a change coming, maybe 12 months, possibly 6.
It’s going to be a change for the better that’s for sure, everybody will benefit in the long run and those that prepared early, even better.
There is already a major change on the way, that’s done and done but the next one will be big.

The Constructus Corporation – The Ziggurat

Only came across Die Antworrd properly a couple of years ago and really like the style and then I found some of the earlier stuff and got even more excited.

I have had The Ziggurat 2 disc album in my playlist on shuffle for while but only recently played it on it’s own from start to finish and I was immediately hooked.

The thing that got me the most is the flow and the narrative. Not only is there a brilliant mix of beats, bass and percussion with an Electronic / Hip-Hop base there is also a legitimately great story to follow with comedy, seriousness and flair. πŸ™‚

One thing I find pretty crazy is that these 2 discs were made in 2002 and still sound really fresh now.

Now I have to find the Fucknrad and MaxNormal work, time to search the past. πŸ™‚

Full album on YouTube